Fire Curtains – UK Businesses’ First Line Of Defence Against Potential Disasters

Like a thief in the night, a fire can infiltrate your business's facility and literally and figuratively burn your venture down to ashes. Some may even daresay that being a victim of theft is immensely better than being a victim of fire.

Although important documents can be digitally backed up on the Cloud, equipment, tools and even old hard copies of your documents can be difficult to replace. In simple terms, it is far easier to build a business from the ground up than rebuild it from ashes, especially considering the negative effect on your and your employees' morale.

As such, a fire safety and protection programme should be made an integral part of your business's overall safety and emergency scheme. A proper fire safety and protection programme will include the use of various strategies including training and the use of fire prevention and protection equipment like fire curtains. UK businesses can save much in terms of money and hassles by taking a proactive stance in protecting their facilities. Here are some strategies that you can implement in your business.

One of the first things that you need to establish is a fire emergency evacuation plan. No matter how valuable the contents of your facility are, human life is even more precious. A suitable evacuation plan identifies emergency routes and exits as well as details how employees should respond in the event that a fire breaks out at work.

In a fire prevention plan, your task is to identify fire hazards in the workplace and outlining and implementing measures that will minimise the risk of fires. It will also be beneficial for your business to have your staff undergo fire safety training which will empower them in handling such an emergency situation. In particular, at least one member of your staff at every shift should know how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

Make sure that your facility is properly equipped with emergency and fire suppression and control devices like emergency and exit lights, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and smoke and fire curtains. Once these have been installed and placed strategically at the workplace, do set regular intervals to check on these and make sure that they are functioning properly. Automatic fire curtains, in particular, are commonly overlooked because they are inaccessible to a business's personnel. Sometimes, the firm that installed the smoke dampers forget to install duct access panels. If such is the case, take the proper corrective measures.

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