Light Bars – Illuminating Mining Sites To Ensure Safe Operations

Mining has always been established as a high-risk industry but the world learned of how truly dangerous it can be when 33 Chilean miners were trapped for many days inside a mining site in Copiapo in 2010. Due to the absence of light for several days, all these miners suffered from serious eye problems and had to be treated by specialists so their proper eyesight will be restored. Apart from these, many of them also had some injuries caused by not being able to see anything clearly – they had scrapes, bumps and bruises on the exposed parts of their bodies.

Indeed, it is difficult to work without proper lighting conditions, and that’s why most mining companies make sure that their sites and equipment not only have the brightest lighting fixtures but are also installed strategically to maximize the illumination they provide to the “underworld.” Some of the most common lighting fixtures used for mining equipment are light bars; they are very versatile and can come in different arrangements to suit the specification (and budget) demanded by the industry.

A qualified auto electrician that applies this type of lighting on trucks and other vehicle systems (such as those used for mining) will tell you  that the best design for light bars is one wherein the wiring harness is fitted so there are no sub-standard crimps throughout the wiring that can compromise consistent performance. Also, it’s better if it comes with a single connector because this makes for an easy and reliable interface with most vehicle systems (instead of those bare wires that still require to be finished) and often break down due to exposure to dust, water and frequent vibrations in the mining site. Light bars designed by industry professionals must be able to take all options as well and can accommodate various accessories so they can easily be applied in other setups. There should be options for beacons and forward-facing indicators, flag poles and work lights.

With these high-quality and expertly designed and installed light bars, mining vehicles are provided with reliable high-level lighting that makes them more visible despite the presence of dust, fog (especially during dreary days) and mist. These ensure that the vehicles can always be seen properly whenever they come in and out of the mining area to prevent any untoward incidents during operations that can derail productivity.

Minimizing risks is a long-term commitment in the mining industry, and proper, sufficient illumination is one of the variables that helps uphold this commitment. Light bars and other solutions should only be designed and installed by experts; this way, a large chunk of the dangers of mining can be managed effectively and consistently.

About the author: Bob Josward is an IT specialist. He is also a writer who is fond of writing articles regarding the effect of new emerging technologies to various industries. He strongly believes that doing so will help lots of business owners and entrepreneurs out there. He writes in behalf of


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